Marta Sabz Dasht Co. is a trading company whose business involves registration of foreign feed additives manufacturers at the Iranian Veterinary Organization, importing and distributing their products in the Iranian feed additive market. Found in 2002, MSD Co. has grown to be one of the main suppliers of feed additives in the markets of poultry, husbandry, aqua culture and pet food in the Iranian market. Our work is concentrated on importation and distribution of feed additives, veterinary medicines, raw materials, supplements and complete feed for poultry and livestock.


What makes MSD Co. one of the top suppliers of feed additives in the Iranian market is the formidable reputation it has made in this market over the years. This has been achieved through close relationships, made based on loyalty and trust, with both manufacturers and end users. By taking advantage of our dedicated and professional staff, we have always fully supported our customers before, during and after their purchase. We have always asked our customers to be part of the solution, we have never viewed them as part of the problem.



Choline Chloride

Choline chloride is a B vitamin, and the main ingredients of constituted phospholipids, lecithin and plasmalogen …


Methionine is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized in an animal’s body. It is widely used as a feed additive…


L-Lysine supplementation in monogastric feeds is a simple, effective and accurate way of …


Threonine has a very critical physiological function in animals’ bodies, these functions include promoting growth, improving immune functions..


For it is balanced formula the concentrates help in building strong skeletal system and stimulate …


INTRACO PL-68®️ is a dried killed bacterial biomass, a by-product from the production of amino acids. INTRACO PL-68®️ …