Choline Chloride

Choline chloride is a B vitamin and the main ingredient of constituted phospholipids, lecithin and plasmalogen. Choline chloride is a necessary organic compound that has a low molecular weight to maintain vivo physiological functions involved in regulating fat metabolism and transformation in vivo to stimulate the liver, to generate antibodies, to prevent liver and stomach fat deposition and tissue degeneration, and may contribute to amino acids’ reformation in the body, improve the amino acid, in particular, essential amino acids such as methionine’s utilization in animals. Therefore, choline chloride is often used as a feed additive, containing the largest kind of vitamin, it can promote animal’s growth after use, make animals gain weight rapidly, increase egg production, hatching volume and lean mass, and can help save feed, prevent disease and reduce mortality.
98% of choline chloride crystals are mainly used in pharmaceutical preparations and pharmaceutical intermediates, they play an extremely important role in promoting growth and improving the body resistance to disease. It is the basic ingredient ensuring the normal operation of the nervous system, and it affects the metabolism of carotene and vitamin A in the body.

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