Sumitomo Chemicals

Sumitomo Chemical started business in 1913 as a producer of fertilizers from sulfur dioxide gas emitted by copper smelters. This business, which solved the environmental problem of air pollution while meeting the social demand for more agricultural production, embodied the business philosophy of the Sumitomo family handed down from the 17th century.
“Their business must benefit society, not just theri interests.” Throughout Their history of almost a century, they at Sumitomo Chemical have lived by this credo. They have worked to build better lives by developing various businesses that meet people’s evolving needs.
At the same time, they have continuously delivered technological innovation while paying special attention to product quality, safety and the environment.
Looking to the future, they will create new value beyond the boundaries of chemistry by combining a variety of ideas, views and technologies.
They will also continue to take up the challenges facing the globe, from meeting basic needs, to protecting the environment, to addressing the issues of adequate supplies of food, energy, and other resources.
In this endeavor, each of them at Sumitomo Chemical will work together to enhance their capabilities, explore new possibilities every day, and overcome the challenges lying ahead with enthusiasm and a strong sense of mission.
Sumitomo Chemical will seek to continue to build trust and bring joy to people across the world through constant innovation.

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